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HHC 2nd Brigade Aviation Section
101st Airborne Division, LZ Sally, Phu Bai, South Vietnam
(under construction)

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War stories:



Other HHC, 2nd Bde, 101st web sites:

Southeast Asia Treaty Organization - Wiki - "Both the United States and Australia cited the alliance as justification for involvement in Vietnam.[18] American membership in SEATO provided the United States with a rationale for a large-scale U.S. military intervention in Southeast Asia.[13] Other countries, such as Great Britain and key nations in Asia, accepted the rationale"

The Truth about the Vietnam War - PragerU - https://youtu.be/7hqYGHZCJwk

Why Did America Fight the Vietnam War? - PragerU - https://youtu.be/EunyfX-Zjo4

My view: You could argue SEATO, the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, the domino theory and the humanitarian issues for the next 100 years but the bottom line is that we should not have pulled the plug and let 3 million people die. We could have easily won that war but not by fighting a politically correct war. We should have bombed the north infrastructure into the Dark Ages. I’m talking government buildings, airports, power plants, petroleum storage facilities, manufacturing, water treatment facilities, shipping harbors, etc.


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